Worst Maggots in wounds – Video Inside

Many people would say maggots are not one of the cutest creatures on earth. Some people may even use the word “maggot” as a derogatory term. However people may describe them, we benefit a lot from these little creatures.

From disinfecting wounds to identifying corpses, maggots have an interesting array of useful skills. Perhaps by reading this blog, you may change your perspective on these little creatures and start to appreciate them more.

Maggots for Healing Practices:
Maggots have helped heal wounds for centuries. During the World War I era, American surgeon William Baer observed that soldiers with maggot-infested wounds usually did not experience the expected infection. Since then, Baer started to use live maggots to treat bone and soft tissue infections. The result have been remarkable.

However, in the 1930s, the maggot therapy began to decline due to its nature and people’s perception of it. Nowadays, the efficacy and safety of maggot therapy has been revitalized.

Moreover, advanced technology and materials manufacturing have made maggot therapy commonplace. Thus, the effectiveness of Maggot Debridement Therapy has been widely acknowledged and many therapists consider it the most practical way to specifically treat knotty infections and wounds.

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